Friday, January 3, 2020

A-Wing Test of Rakuten Ads

As I mention in December update of The Tek, I am looking to put more high quality ads on my site to generate more revenue. This post is a test of such ads.

I recently posted about the Star Wars RPG and generally have Star Wars on the brain. The A-Wing is my favorite fighter from this series, so I selected it as my first test post. I need to figure out the rules of the road for these ads. One issue I have is, these ads include large pictures which precludes placing them in the sidebar. On the upside, I can mine ad content for posting ideas which will bump up my posts, even if they don't result in more ads.

Now this particular product is new and is priced at $29.99 at Lego and Target. It is cheaper elsewhere. If the ads work as intended, I will make sure this is the first thing I buy.

Yeah... It's an addiction. The image below is an ad.

Click the image above to visit the Lego Store.

The image above takes you to The Lego store.

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