Wednesday, August 29, 2018

New Semester, New Clutter

I had my first class on Tuesday and decided to try out something new. First, I harvested all of my notes I thought would be helpful from last semester and chucked a lot of spiral bound notebooks into the recycle. Messy and wasteful. My daughter had some though about that and reclaimed all of the paper from the spiral notebooks and put it in a series of folders for drawing. Good idea, too bad I am a paper snob otherwise I would have done this myself.

I decided to only use graph paper for notes and one pad per class until the first is full. I picked up some great notebooks on Amazon. They are A5 sized,  30 sheets or 60 pages and have a sharp black cover. I am hoping this will cut down on clutter. I am going to print some labels so the notebooks will stay organized by class.

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I have a small basket that is the correct size to hold two of these A5 notebooks side by side.

I also bought leather binder for loose lead paper and handout storage. The leather binder has room for a laptop. The note pads are small enough to fit in the outer pocket.

Between these items, I hopefully have a $40 dollar solution to clutter.

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