Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Incidental Magic Items – The Ration Bag

The Ration Bag
Created by the Clerics of the town, the Ration Bags holds one day’s of rations and a small weapon. Primarily, the Clerics issue them to explorers with sailors making up the largest group of recipients. The makers are heavily invested in sea exploration and provide them at no charge.
The sailors call them Rat Bags. Clerics hate that name which causes the sailors to use the nickname all the more.
These items are produced in pairs. Each bag provides a hardy piece of bread, a slice of jerky and one container of water and one smallish cup of wine or brandy as desired up to three times per day. Each bag is designed to hold a dagger or a very sharp knife. The character may request either weapon as desired, but typically the dagger goes in the right bag and the knife in the left. The bags weigh 3 lbs each and connect to a belt, tying down on the leg. When closed and tied down, they lie very flat. The closure is a drawstring and metal loop to secure an outer flap.
While these bags have some of the properties of a Bag of Holding, it cannot hold too much beyond the food, wine, water, brandy and the exact knife and dagger it was designed to hold.
If small incidentals are placed in the bag (smaller than a bar of soap) the owner will find that item will always work its way to the top of bag and will fall out as soon as the bag is opened. There is little chance of losing the item this way, but it is annoyance.
Eventually someone will try to use these bags for more than what they are intended. They will hold more than intended when unfolded. The pair will make a descent emergency pack if opened and slung over the shoulder. In this configuration they will hold a max of 25 lbs, something like two large quivers bound together. The downside side of this is the the bags have to be open and will not produce more rations.